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With much procrastination and perfecting yet another idea, I realised a blog post is long due. Not much happened in a music career to be worthy of note other than me meeting a wonderful English gentleman called Graeme who plays awesome bass and my son picking out a silly green coloured ukulele at the music shop which I now dare take on a gig if need be. Regardless, I feel like I owe all of you at least a friendly hello. A moment to thank you again for supporting me through all my adventures and for all the kind messages I get on my fan page and numerous blogs that I'm awful keeping up to date with. They are all read and taken to heart, and they are what keeps the fire going. It's been a year and a half since my last update and I could just say "oh time just flew by and I don't know what I was up to" but that wouldn't be true. I know what I was up to: moving to the slow lane, falling in love with the ordinary, becoming a full time mum, unexpectedly moving from Victoria to Queensland and a few other ups and downs. 

As most of you may relate, creativity is just an outlet of who you are. I have always been a nature kid. More so a beach bum. I chose not to drive for the past three years just cause I like to walk and smell the flowers. Literally. Over other people's fences. Luckily this is Australia and in the worst case scenario I get a funny sounding "g'day". Anyways, where was I. Having a kid is a big game changer for me. Life slowed down to the pace where I watch it flow and pull the strings that I need. Sometimes with a deep breath or a loud roar. Acquaintances and friends have made themselves clear. Career is a word I laugh at and look at things I wanna do from "does the process of it brings me joy (if not, f*** it) perspective. And I absolutely love silence. Maybe with a hint of a sound of the ocean. Or like the one after three days of rain in the middle of a rainforest. Or the one in between two notes struck on a cheap ukulele with some fancy Eco bamboo strings... To sum it all up: music at the moment is not my creative outlet of choice. I draw. I paint. Most days it's just elephants and busy roads. I dance with hoola hoops (funny when they fly into random objects). I embraced my annoying environmentalist side and started aiming life towards "less is more" and seeing how creativity thrives when you decide to work with what you've got. I refuse to do anything that is result driven. I'm stubborn as an old donkey about living in the moment. A great friend recently reminded me about doing things for the sheer joy of it. And I stopped. And questioned myself for many days in a row and still do. I'm not saying I'm quitting music. But for now it's somewhere in that silence in between a very loud heartbroken note and the Unknown. 

Do We Dare - play, download & love on triple j unearthed



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MELBOURNE: "DO WE DARE" and the story behind


"Do we ever rise in love, or we just endlessly keep on falling" was the line that I scribbled down in 2012, and had to wait two years for the rest of the song to follow. As many of you know, I can only write if I've lived it. For a while I had an issue with the way creativity works for most people: getting inspiration while being on the low, depressed, dysfunctional, heartbroken, mad at the world etc., so many songs are just examples of how sick our world is. 

I wanted to be happy. I wanted to wake up every day and say I'm content with my life, with my relationships, even if it means I'm gonna loose my source of creativity. I dared myself to let go of the only thing I've known to work. I took a break. Slowly started patching the song together out of the things that were present, the life and the stories surrounding me (Tom, you'll like this one ;)). And then I got dared to participate in Eurovision Song Contest. And this was the song that got me into it. However far or not, it's not the point. I won the dare with my earlier self. 

I want this to be more than just a song. Ask yourself: are you happy, what's holding you back, what's that dream that you're not allowing yourself to dream. We're only as happy as we allow ourselves to be. Yes, it might be scary, things may change, in fact, EVERYTHING may change, but hey, we've got this one silly life, why not live it the way we want it :) Walk away from stories, fears and rise in love!

Thanks again, to Josh Abrahams, Rosa Kang, Jeremiah John, James Clark & Egle Kuolalyte for your beautiful work to make this happen.


Peace, Love, Rock'n'Roll and Yep, NZ does better Pinot Noirs than Oz, Cheers everyone :)




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To answer a few questions: As the colours of Aussie autumn set into the cityscape, I find myself once again wondering who the hell stole the last few months. And as I look back, the memories of events just the beginning of the year seem like they've been dusting in the shelf for ages. I get that nostalgic grip when I think of walking down snowy streets of Vilnius, whenever someone mentions Eurovision it feels like I'm talking about a thing from my teenage years, and the pictures of sunny Dubai got covered with Great Ocean Road, Adelaide, Canberra and dog park of Darebin Parklands... The urgency of life disappeared and the immediacy of the experiences became the key to staying sane, enjoying life to its fullest and living in the now. Facebook became the thing of the past and my newfound friend Lisa makes me feel like I'm living in the Braveheart movie all the time. I've recently had a shoulder pop out of place and called police on a possum. I saw a guy in a show play piano made out of mousetraps and then decided my life is complete. My little king of the castle de La Clark is turning one and a half, got his first trike and never shuts up. And other than making watercolor greeting cards for family and a few other artworks, I can't think of a single thing I can show off with. I'm getting slowly sucked into permaculture and spend my mornings covered in mud from 10 different dogs jumping to get treats from me. There's a time to sow and time to reap. A time to run full pelt and dive into that pile of adventures life has to offer, and a time to rest and think what's next. A time to laugh out loud, and a time to put on some 70's music and chill the f*** out. Yes, I know that everything is possible, it's just a matter of what do we want to be possible. At the moment I'm not a musician, I'm not a writer, I'm not the wonderwoman everyone knows me to be. I don't want to be. I'm a mama with a giant dog and beautiful friends, their kids and nasty Melbourne weather. So happens life. I love it. To answer the question asked the most: Eurovision burned a big hole in my pocket and the music video for "Do We Dare" has to be collectively funded (that's the part where you can help soon, yay!), but you can hear it very soon, so stay tuned, stay positive and watch this space . Love you all! Peace, Love & Rock'n'roll



Stopping by for a little break in my old hometown was just what I needed to shake off the unsettled moods after Eurovision Lithuania. Family, old friends, beach bumming and lots of playtime. Yoga, long walks, gazing at the blue skies and daydreaming. Waiting for the fog to lift, the dust to settle, and the wings to get fluffy for a new adventure. Dubai was home for 12 years. It still feels like I never left. Maybe it's a good time to admit I'm a human of this world and home is everywhere, and as I'm writing this, a magazine falls off the top shelf...100 JOURNEYS OF A LIFETIME. You must be kidding! Oh well, time to go brush up on that then ;)





"Factory Hearts" was the last song I got to sing in Eurovision Lithuania, dear old voice gave up after a long walk through Old Town Vilnius on a snowy day with a glass of mulled wine in hand and a mouthful of a quality conversation. Regardless, I've been getting a positive feedback about the performance, everybody referring to "Factory Hearts" as my song. As much as I'd love to have come up with an idea as epic as this for a song, I didn't write it. It's a song by a bunch of awesome guys form Ireland: Darragh Reck, Barry Grace & Paul Murphy. Good luck guys with the rest of Eurovision, and thanks for the support! 

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There is this song contest called Eurovision. It has the word VISION in the title. And that's what I had when I wrote "Do We Dare" - a vision of a beautiful acrobat flying through the air to the beat of the song, after which I jumped around, did a silly dance and phoned James "It's happening, it's happening, I'm gonna write a new positive upbeat song!". A few months and lots of baby steps later, the song was written, recorded and sent off to Lithuania. We are yet to win Eurovision. I believed this song is going to be perfect for it.

Knowing my nation is not the warmest, or the most open minded, or accepting of things that are unfamiliar, knowing that the selection process is perfect for singers who don't write their own music and sorta sucks for people like me (song and performer are chosen separately), I still decided to try 'cause I believed in it, I believed in myself, I believed in my luck, and that at the end of the competition some magic will happen - just like last year, when the winner sang her own song.

Heat 3 I was singing Factory Hearts. Awesome. Not my type, but a good song, I could relate to it. Who got "Do We Dare"!? Go check the set list in the green room. I froze in my tracks when I saw it was not between the competition songs. WTF?! Fine. Not their cup of tea. Given the fact that I was very sick, had little Loki on the set and a few friends to help me out, I didn't pay much attention to other songs that got accepted. The day I had a chance to listen to all competition songs, I was absolutely dumbstruck: with no disrespect to the songwriters (I just don't think some of them tried very hard at all), a few of the songs had the shallowest of lyrics that my tongue would break trying to sing, and nothing else to it. No soul, no songwriting or production quality, no catchiness, no vision one could possibly have had writing them. Anyways.

I'm happy I dropped out tonight. I only see myself performing "Do We Dare" on the big Eurovision stage. I lived it. I wrote it. I embody it. I can make people believe it. I'm happy I got this far, and glad the plug got pulled while it's still summer in Oz :)

I would like to thank the producers of the show for choosing me as a performer. Being amongst the 12 selected is already an achievement, and I will remember this with a great delight. I regret nothing and hold no grudges. It was a beautiful experience to this point. I just feel a little sad our visions didn't coincide and Lithuania did not get to know me as a songwriter. Looks like this place isn't ready to have a bomb of optimism and inspiration dropped on their heads just yet ;)

I wish the best to the artist who will represent our country in Vienna, hope we do better than most times!

To my fans in Lithuania, who voted and supported me: a big big thank you and a warm hug! I promise this is not the last time you hear about me. 

And most important, thank you James for letting me dream and helping my vision come to life. You're so number one!!! :)

Love you all.



Many of you are asking me: What are you doing on a show like Eurovision? What the hell is wrong with the judges and why aren't they giving you points? How does it feel? ...and many more questions of all sorts. I'll try and put this in an uncomplicated way.

I have been on stage for about 15 years. I can sing a song in a perfect way, as close the original as it gets. Been there, done that. I do fit in a decent size pretty dress and carry it well enough to be called a gold digger, I can grow long and luscious hair and look more feminine. Been there, done that. I choose songs that move me, sometimes decide to skip autotune on the record and sing it in one go just to prove I can, and I'm still contemplating whether I'm really going to keep my word on a dare we made with my friend Salina about a year ago: shave our hair in January 2015 just to see who can carry it better. One hippy princess in between pop kings and queens. Why?

A while ago I made a decision in my life: I will only do the things that make me happy, I will only make decisions which will leave no inner conflict at the end, I will only live by my values and not necessarily the norms of society, I will always stay true to myself regardless of what I could gain otherwise, I will go for a challenge rather than backing out, I will live a story to tell and a life to inspire.

Being on the stage of Eurovision selection feels great. I'm addicted to being on a TV by now so much I wonder why haven't I done it a long time ago. I'm smiling 'cause I'm having fun, and every word of criticism by the judges seem to turn me into some Matrix character that is made of rubber and magic, bending instead of breaking, smiling as if living outside of Lithuania for so long made me forget the meaning of mean words. Maybe it has a little bit to do with the fact that I was told I have a scary voice and will never be a singer when I was 6. The novelty of criticism sort of rubs off with years.

Yes, I could prepare a little bit better, sing a little bit more perfectly, I could take everything so seriously that I'd overprepare and go with "I'm in it to win it" attitude, but I'm busy living. I'm savoring art, food and drinks, laughing at my mama playing with my son, going on long walks in the epic Old Town Vilnius, taking photos of churches, rooftops covered with snow, bare branches of trees and pale winter sun, swearing at the ice under my feet and observing snowflakes with a childlike wonder. I'm busy doing things that make me write like I do and sing like I do. Yes, I might be not everyone's cup of tea and so be it. I will stay the way I am for those who support me, vote for me and make sure I have coffee, wine and chocolate in my cupboard.

The new Eurovision slogan is Building Bridges, and in my case I already feel like a winner. I've built a half-world-long bridge between families, friends, fans. I've never received so much praise, encouragement and support! And presents :) I've proven to myself and everyone else that being a mom doesn't stop you from going forward in your career, only makes it more enjoyable and connects the two areas of life in a way I couldn't imagine before (won't deny it gets close to impossible at times). I loved and laughed and chickened out and fought through it, but most important, I got reminded that the progress in your life lies only in how far will you let it go. 

Thanks to all who voted me through the first round!!! Love you all.

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While waiting for the second episode of Eurovision National Selection to air, we got distributed competition songs randomly and shot the third episode tonight.

My stay in Lithuania so far has been a blast: white Christmas I've dreamed of for many years. Got to see lots of good friends and family members, and of course, had time to make new awesome friends. Walks around the old town, driving through snowy forests that look like postcards, drinking mulled wine and lighting the fireplace in the house at night.

This morning I got a random phone call and answered it. No voice came out of me. Marge Simpson at best. The day of the shoot. Decided that the show must go on and believing in luck, I got my things together and made it to the set. The song "Factory Hearts", I believe, was chosen for me by someone who wanted to challenge me greatly already: emo rock song type of song penned by an irishman, I believed was great for a movie soundtrack but not for a live performance. Regardless, I won the fight with it and made it my own. Almost loved it. 

While I believe in luck, and that thinking positive makes you go further in life, I also believe in "meant to be" and "not meant to be". I believe in life shutting doors in your face if you don't realize yourself you need to do it. All the shows we shot so far were fun, but I know I could've done better by quite a bit. I don't know what happened, but every time for one silly reason or another, I couldn't deliver a 100% performance. 

Tonight was the cherry on top of the cake. After restarting the song and modifying a few places while at it, to fit my vocal range that was reduced to a third of it's usual if not less, I had an audience clapping all the way through, had shitloads of fun, but... I was in absolutely the biggest pain I ever felt in my throat and every other note coming out in chords! While the judges praised me for stage presence, positive attitude and confidence, they couldn't rate my vocal performance as it was there just to tick the box. 

While I believe a technically perfect performance isn't as necessary as soul, character and an overall vibe of an artist, I also believe in miracles. To stay in the show after a performance like that, I'm gonna need one. Meanwhile, all I can do is soak up the experience, learn from it, pen a story for all of you to be entertained by, and be grateful for the opportunity given to me. 


Peace, Love, Rock'n'Roll & Wine






On the first night of Eurovision National Selection we were told to cover a Lithuanian hit. That was one piece of terrifying news: never been a fan of our music. However, there is this band called Foje, that I grew up listening to. The song "Lauzo Sviesa" (about bonfires in the night) rang in my head over and over again, until I braved to sing it. Yes, it was a brave choice, maybe not even the wisest. Covering and modifying classics can be frowned upon. Playing piano on TV scared me beyond anything. Why did I go ahed with it? 'Cause I felt it. 'Cause I believe this song deserves to be heard not only by lithuanians. 'Cause I believe true fans of the band will appreciate someone making it alive in a different way. 'Cause when my kid grows up and looks up youtube to find silly stuff mamma did, I want this song to be that piece of Lithuanian culture that gets carried along into the future. "... glow, burn and never die, warm the hands, caress the wide-open eyes, be the only hope, even if only my own, glowing in the night"

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