Wilma La


Stopping by for a little break in my old hometown was just what I needed to shake off the unsettled moods after Eurovision Lithuania. Family, old friends, beach bumming and lots of playtime. Yoga, long walks, gazing at the blue skies and daydreaming. Waiting for the fog to lift, the dust to settle, and the wings to get fluffy for a new adventure. Dubai was home for 12 years. It still feels like I never left. Maybe it's a good time to admit I'm a human of this world and home is everywhere, and as I'm writing this, a magazine falls off the top shelf...100 JOURNEYS OF A LIFETIME. You must be kidding! Oh well, time to go brush up on that then ;)


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Ahhhh my dear so glad you are letting the dust settle. Enjoy old friends, old places and dreams of new adventures reposition you. Let your little son delight you afresh too. And it will be good to hear you are back on Aussie soil. Take care and let R&R work it magic so that you can find that deep centre within yourself. God bless.

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