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With much procrastination and perfecting yet another idea, I realised a blog post is long due. Not much happened in a music career to be worthy of note other than me meeting a wonderful English gentleman called Graeme who plays awesome bass and my son picking out a silly green coloured ukulele at the music shop which I now dare take on a gig if need be. Regardless, I feel like I owe all of you at least a friendly hello. A moment to thank you again for supporting me through all my adventures and for all the kind messages I get on my fan page and numerous blogs that I'm awful keeping up to date with. They are all read and taken to heart, and they are what keeps the fire going. It's been a year and a half since my last update and I could just say "oh time just flew by and I don't know what I was up to" but that wouldn't be true. I know what I was up to: moving to the slow lane, falling in love with the ordinary, becoming a full time mum, unexpectedly moving from Victoria to Queensland and a few other ups and downs. 

As most of you may relate, creativity is just an outlet of who you are. I have always been a nature kid. More so a beach bum. I chose not to drive for the past three years just cause I like to walk and smell the flowers. Literally. Over other people's fences. Luckily this is Australia and in the worst case scenario I get a funny sounding "g'day". Anyways, where was I. Having a kid is a big game changer for me. Life slowed down to the pace where I watch it flow and pull the strings that I need. Sometimes with a deep breath or a loud roar. Acquaintances and friends have made themselves clear. Career is a word I laugh at and look at things I wanna do from "does the process of it brings me joy (if not, f*** it) perspective. And I absolutely love silence. Maybe with a hint of a sound of the ocean. Or like the one after three days of rain in the middle of a rainforest. Or the one in between two notes struck on a cheap ukulele with some fancy Eco bamboo strings... To sum it all up: music at the moment is not my creative outlet of choice. I draw. I paint. Most days it's just elephants and busy roads. I dance with hoola hoops (funny when they fly into random objects). I embraced my annoying environmentalist side and started aiming life towards "less is more" and seeing how creativity thrives when you decide to work with what you've got. I refuse to do anything that is result driven. I'm stubborn as an old donkey about living in the moment. A great friend recently reminded me about doing things for the sheer joy of it. And I stopped. And questioned myself for many days in a row and still do. I'm not saying I'm quitting music. But for now it's somewhere in that silence in between a very loud heartbroken note and the Unknown. 

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