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MELBOURNE: "DO WE DARE" and the story behind

"Do we ever rise in love, or we just endlessly keep on falling" was the line that I scribbled down in 2012, and had to wait two years for the rest of the song to follow. As many of you know, I can only write if I've lived it. For a while I had an issue with the way creativity works for most people: getting inspiration while being on the low, depressed, dysfunctional, heartbroken, mad at the world etc., so many songs are just examples of how sick our world is. 

I wanted to be happy. I wanted to wake up every day and say I'm content with my life, with my relationships, even if it means I'm gonna loose my source of creativity. I dared myself to let go of the only thing I've known to work. I took a break. Slowly started patching the song together out of the things that were present, the life and the stories surrounding me (Tom, you'll like this one ;)). And then I got dared to participate in Eurovision Song Contest. And this was the song that got me into it. However far or not, it's not the point. I won the dare with my earlier self. 

I want this to be more than just a song. Ask yourself: are you happy, what's holding you back, what's that dream that you're not allowing yourself to dream. We're only as happy as we allow ourselves to be. Yes, it might be scary, things may change, in fact, EVERYTHING may change, but hey, we've got this one silly life, why not live it the way we want it :) Walk away from stories, fears and rise in love!

Thanks again, to Josh Abrahams, Rosa Kang, Jeremiah John, James Clark & Egle Kuolalyte for your beautiful work to make this happen.


Peace, Love, Rock'n'Roll and Yep, NZ does better Pinot Noirs than Oz, Cheers everyone :)




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