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So, things have been very happening lately! For many years I'd occasionally blurt out to my friends: "Why hasn't Lithuania won Eurovision yet?" The answer most of the time has been the same: "Because you haven't participated yet"... 

Shortly after recording "Do We Dare", I sent a submission to participate in the national selection and what you know, I got accepted as on of the 12 contestants! Mixed feelings of trading aussie summer for a cold cold lithuanian winter, last minute tickets were booked and after a 30 hour long flight, I was on a different side of the planet thinking "wtf am I doing".

Yesterday was a blast: shooting the first two shows, meeting local celebrities, working with lovely and fun backstage people. The fact that I'm the only one of the contestants who doesn't have a Lithuanian audience, sparked a lot of interest. Everyone kept asking about life in Australia and were pleased with the fact that after 14 years of not living in Lithuania, I don't speak with an accent. Performance wise, I could've done a better job, or maybe chosen safer options, but at the end of the day, I stood up to my own challenges and had lots of fun doing it.

Thanks again to Josh Abrahams, Rosa Kang & Jeremiah John for making the song sound great, and most of all thanks to my lovely man James for the support all the way through!

First show airs January 3rd. Stay tuned. Peace, Love, Rock'n'Roll & Cepelinai :)

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Out of the studio with a smile on my face: "Do We Dare" vocals and piano all nice and smooth on the record! Sunny St Kilda streets, time for a quick cup of coffee and a selfie, back home celebrating with a glass of wine. Isn't life just awesome! :)



Working up towards the epic sound on "Do We Dare", recording live strings was a must. The game "who knows who" had begun. Most of my friends here in Melbourne are (of course) into different forms of art: visual, circus, wine drinking, naming their pets after famous people... and, luckily there is one with a strong appreciation of classical music. Miss Rosa hasn't played violin in a while, and to make things more difficult, the song was written in a key that is near impossible to play on a violin. As in, there is no piece EVER written for violin in that key!... eh, what can I say, it was an exciting and challenging day at the studio, at the end of which, the warm sound of a 1867's violin has brought the song another step closer to life. Thank you Rosa! Love you lots!




As a solo recording artist, I often feel a tiny bit jealous of bands having a great time at the studio. Recording with other musicians is so much more fun! Today was not planned at all, just got together to develop the sound a bit further, and for all you know, I got to do a body percussion session (coutresy of cons and denim), play guitar and push producer's buttons. I meant buttons of the big mixing desk. Buttons of an apple keyboard. "Do We Dare" is taking shape nicely at s:amplify studios, we even got a little gay string passage leading up to the chorus! :)




After a long break and a bit of a creative makeover, I am back at the studio - Yay! Laid down guide tracks to the new single "Do We Dare", half the time rubbing my eyes in amazement of how many vintage instruments I can lay my hands on... Rhodes, Hammond, all that stuff. Later I caught up with my friend Ali and ate so much cake (OMG the mother of all cakes) I wanted to throw up. 

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