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There is this song contest called Eurovision. It has the word VISION in the title. And that's what I had when I wrote "Do We Dare" - a vision of a beautiful acrobat flying through the air to the beat of the song, after which I jumped around, did a silly dance and phoned James "It's happening, it's happening, I'm gonna write a new positive upbeat song!". A few months and lots of baby steps later, the song was written, recorded and sent off to Lithuania. We are yet to win Eurovision. I believed this song is going to be perfect for it.

Knowing my nation is not the warmest, or the most open minded, or accepting of things that are unfamiliar, knowing that the selection process is perfect for singers who don't write their own music and sorta sucks for people like me (song and performer are chosen separately), I still decided to try 'cause I believed in it, I believed in myself, I believed in my luck, and that at the end of the competition some magic will happen - just like last year, when the winner sang her own song.

Heat 3 I was singing Factory Hearts. Awesome. Not my type, but a good song, I could relate to it. Who got "Do We Dare"!? Go check the set list in the green room. I froze in my tracks when I saw it was not between the competition songs. WTF?! Fine. Not their cup of tea. Given the fact that I was very sick, had little Loki on the set and a few friends to help me out, I didn't pay much attention to other songs that got accepted. The day I had a chance to listen to all competition songs, I was absolutely dumbstruck: with no disrespect to the songwriters (I just don't think some of them tried very hard at all), a few of the songs had the shallowest of lyrics that my tongue would break trying to sing, and nothing else to it. No soul, no songwriting or production quality, no catchiness, no vision one could possibly have had writing them. Anyways.

I'm happy I dropped out tonight. I only see myself performing "Do We Dare" on the big Eurovision stage. I lived it. I wrote it. I embody it. I can make people believe it. I'm happy I got this far, and glad the plug got pulled while it's still summer in Oz :)

I would like to thank the producers of the show for choosing me as a performer. Being amongst the 12 selected is already an achievement, and I will remember this with a great delight. I regret nothing and hold no grudges. It was a beautiful experience to this point. I just feel a little sad our visions didn't coincide and Lithuania did not get to know me as a songwriter. Looks like this place isn't ready to have a bomb of optimism and inspiration dropped on their heads just yet ;)

I wish the best to the artist who will represent our country in Vienna, hope we do better than most times!

To my fans in Lithuania, who voted and supported me: a big big thank you and a warm hug! I promise this is not the last time you hear about me. 

And most important, thank you James for letting me dream and helping my vision come to life. You're so number one!!! :)

Love you all.


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Wilma. You express yourself sooo well and you have achieved amazing things just being selected that I wish you well in all your future endeavours.

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