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While waiting for the second episode of Eurovision National Selection to air, we got distributed competition songs randomly and shot the third episode tonight.

My stay in Lithuania so far has been a blast: white Christmas I've dreamed of for many years. Got to see lots of good friends and family members, and of course, had time to make new awesome friends. Walks around the old town, driving through snowy forests that look like postcards, drinking mulled wine and lighting the fireplace in the house at night.

This morning I got a random phone call and answered it. No voice came out of me. Marge Simpson at best. The day of the shoot. Decided that the show must go on and believing in luck, I got my things together and made it to the set. The song "Factory Hearts", I believe, was chosen for me by someone who wanted to challenge me greatly already: emo rock song type of song penned by an irishman, I believed was great for a movie soundtrack but not for a live performance. Regardless, I won the fight with it and made it my own. Almost loved it. 

While I believe in luck, and that thinking positive makes you go further in life, I also believe in "meant to be" and "not meant to be". I believe in life shutting doors in your face if you don't realize yourself you need to do it. All the shows we shot so far were fun, but I know I could've done better by quite a bit. I don't know what happened, but every time for one silly reason or another, I couldn't deliver a 100% performance. 

Tonight was the cherry on top of the cake. After restarting the song and modifying a few places while at it, to fit my vocal range that was reduced to a third of it's usual if not less, I had an audience clapping all the way through, had shitloads of fun, but... I was in absolutely the biggest pain I ever felt in my throat and every other note coming out in chords! While the judges praised me for stage presence, positive attitude and confidence, they couldn't rate my vocal performance as it was there just to tick the box. 

While I believe a technically perfect performance isn't as necessary as soul, character and an overall vibe of an artist, I also believe in miracles. To stay in the show after a performance like that, I'm gonna need one. Meanwhile, all I can do is soak up the experience, learn from it, pen a story for all of you to be entertained by, and be grateful for the opportunity given to me. 


Peace, Love, Rock'n'Roll & Wine



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