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So, things have been very happening lately! For many years I'd occasionally blurt out to my friends: "Why hasn't Lithuania won Eurovision yet?" The answer most of the time has been the same: "Because you haven't participated yet"... 

Shortly after recording "Do We Dare", I sent a submission to participate in the national selection and what you know, I got accepted as on of the 12 contestants! Mixed feelings of trading aussie summer for a cold cold lithuanian winter, last minute tickets were booked and after a 30 hour long flight, I was on a different side of the planet thinking "wtf am I doing".

Yesterday was a blast: shooting the first two shows, meeting local celebrities, working with lovely and fun backstage people. The fact that I'm the only one of the contestants who doesn't have a Lithuanian audience, sparked a lot of interest. Everyone kept asking about life in Australia and were pleased with the fact that after 14 years of not living in Lithuania, I don't speak with an accent. Performance wise, I could've done a better job, or maybe chosen safer options, but at the end of the day, I stood up to my own challenges and had lots of fun doing it.

Thanks again to Josh Abrahams, Rosa Kang & Jeremiah John for making the song sound great, and most of all thanks to my lovely man James for the support all the way through!

First show airs January 3rd. Stay tuned. Peace, Love, Rock'n'Roll & Cepelinai :)

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Lauksiu tavęs paslaptingoji WIlma :D Nemačiau dar nei vieno pasirodymo tavo, bet iš muzikos tavo puslapyje, susidariau gerą nuomonę! :)

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