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Many of you are asking me: What are you doing on a show like Eurovision? What the hell is wrong with the judges and why aren't they giving you points? How does it feel? ...and many more questions of all sorts. I'll try and put this in an uncomplicated way.

I have been on stage for about 15 years. I can sing a song in a perfect way, as close the original as it gets. Been there, done that. I do fit in a decent size pretty dress and carry it well enough to be called a gold digger, I can grow long and luscious hair and look more feminine. Been there, done that. I choose songs that move me, sometimes decide to skip autotune on the record and sing it in one go just to prove I can, and I'm still contemplating whether I'm really going to keep my word on a dare we made with my friend Salina about a year ago: shave our hair in January 2015 just to see who can carry it better. One hippy princess in between pop kings and queens. Why?

A while ago I made a decision in my life: I will only do the things that make me happy, I will only make decisions which will leave no inner conflict at the end, I will only live by my values and not necessarily the norms of society, I will always stay true to myself regardless of what I could gain otherwise, I will go for a challenge rather than backing out, I will live a story to tell and a life to inspire.

Being on the stage of Eurovision selection feels great. I'm addicted to being on a TV by now so much I wonder why haven't I done it a long time ago. I'm smiling 'cause I'm having fun, and every word of criticism by the judges seem to turn me into some Matrix character that is made of rubber and magic, bending instead of breaking, smiling as if living outside of Lithuania for so long made me forget the meaning of mean words. Maybe it has a little bit to do with the fact that I was told I have a scary voice and will never be a singer when I was 6. The novelty of criticism sort of rubs off with years.

Yes, I could prepare a little bit better, sing a little bit more perfectly, I could take everything so seriously that I'd overprepare and go with "I'm in it to win it" attitude, but I'm busy living. I'm savoring art, food and drinks, laughing at my mama playing with my son, going on long walks in the epic Old Town Vilnius, taking photos of churches, rooftops covered with snow, bare branches of trees and pale winter sun, swearing at the ice under my feet and observing snowflakes with a childlike wonder. I'm busy doing things that make me write like I do and sing like I do. Yes, I might be not everyone's cup of tea and so be it. I will stay the way I am for those who support me, vote for me and make sure I have coffee, wine and chocolate in my cupboard.

The new Eurovision slogan is Building Bridges, and in my case I already feel like a winner. I've built a half-world-long bridge between families, friends, fans. I've never received so much praise, encouragement and support! And presents :) I've proven to myself and everyone else that being a mom doesn't stop you from going forward in your career, only makes it more enjoyable and connects the two areas of life in a way I couldn't imagine before (won't deny it gets close to impossible at times). I loved and laughed and chickened out and fought through it, but most important, I got reminded that the progress in your life lies only in how far will you let it go. 

Thanks to all who voted me through the first round!!! Love you all.

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On fireeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee saunuole, strange is the new cool :)))
Love you for the person you have become! My inspiration ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Keep smiling beautiful

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